Disi- Amman Conveyance System

The Disi-Mudawwara to Amman water conveyance is designed to alleviate the chronic shortage of water in Amman, Jordan by conveying 100 million cubic metres of water per year from 55 wells in the Disi aquifer in the south of Jordan adjacent to the Saudi Arabian border through a 1600mm diameter steel conveyance pipeline 325 km to new and existing reservoirs in Amman.

The company's re-design and optimisation of the system has resulted in considerable saving in capital cost ( approximately 100 million dollars)  to the Client (The Ministry of Water and Irrigation -  Jordan) by a reduction in major structures, optimisation of the conveyance route, reduction in scope from two separate wellfields to one wellfield and other significant savings. Engineering Consultancy services were  provided  to the Client through all pre-contract stages of the project, which was awarded to a contractor on a Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) basis.


Infrastructure - General  Utilities Authority

The Company has  provided engineering consultancy services to the Client for  the provision of supplying water to several cities and locations. The Company's scope of work includes collecting and evaluating data and the preparation of engineering studies for preliminary  and detailed design. The projects covered water supply to many locations and cities around Libya.







The New Highway Project ( Ras Ejdyer - Emssad)

The new Highway Project is designed to provide an international standard expressway (motorway) along the North coast of Libya from Ras Ejdyer in Tunisia to Emssad in Egypt. Al Nahr Engineering Limited (ANE) has been awarded the contract for the detail design of the highway section from Ras Ejdyer on the Tunisian border westward to Al Marj, with a spur to Benghazi, a total length of approximately 1,300 kilometres of high standard expressway. ANE's scope of work for the Project includes the following three main stages:

1. Studies and Route Selection Stage

This includes gathering Project-related information and drawings, an inspection of the highway route to define the terrain and types and allocation of industrial, structural and residential facilities, plantations, farms and services located along the route.

2. Preliminary Design Stage

This includes the detail survey along the entire Highway either by photogrammetric survey or by ground survey, preparation of traffic count studies, review of available geological and geotechnical investigation reports, development of geotechnical design parameters for embankments and foundation soil for structures, preparation of plan and profile drawings showing the proposed horizontal and vertical alignment with an emergency lane, preparation of typical sections and pavement designs, preparation of preliminary drawings for culverts, bridges, inter-sections, interchanges and traffic safety features.

3. Final Design and Project Deliverable Documents

Preparation of final design drawings and specifications and also the final bidding documents, including Bills of Quantities, for issue to international contractors.  The stage includes:

•  Preparation of final design drawings showing details of horizontal and vertical curves, the points which define the alignments of the roa

d, the elevations of the road and its structural works, interchanges, bridges, protection measures, culverts, drainage, signage and road markings.

•  Preparation of all drawings showing the location of quarries, usable lands and the source of water supply points required for road construction.

•  Final detailed calculations for hydrological and geological study.

•  Structural details for culverts, retaining walls and bridges.

•  Technical reports and specifications of the entire road and Bill of Quantities for each section of the Highway.

•  Detailed designs for service areas, parking areas, toll plazas and emergency facilities.

•  The final design and bidding documents including Quantities and technical specifications for issue to pre-qualified bidders.