Grand Omar El-Mukhtar Reservoir

This is a circular rock fill embankment reservoir of 24 million cubic metres capacity located to the south of Benghazi with a water depth of 27 metre and diameter of 1164 metre. The total amount of excavation at the floor and the body of the reservoir is 8,100,000 cubic meters and the filling  of the reservoir is 5,500,000 cubic meters. The asphaltic lining has a surface area of 2,240,000 square meters.


Grand Al Gardabiya Reservoir

This is a circular rock fill embankment reservoir of (15.4) million cubic metres capacity located near Sirt with a water depth of 16 metre and diameter of 1180 metre. The total amount of  concrete used for  the reservoir is 25,000 cubic meters.

Tarhunah-Abu Ziyyan Project (TAZ)

The Tarhunah-Abu Ziyyan Project (TAZ) is designed to supply 800,000 thousand cubic metres of water per day from the regulating tank at Tarhunah to the 300,000m3 concrete Abu Ziyyan storage reservoir. The Project includes conveyance of 1.6m to 2.8m diameter prestressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP) with an overall length of 106 km terminating in a steel pipeline connection rise of 500m to the top of the escarpment. There are also two pump stations, break pressure tank and 6 major turnouts.


Al Kufra-Tazerbo Water Supply Project

The Al Kufra Wellfield-Tazerbo-Ajdabiya Water Supply Project (Kufra Scheme) is a major scheme will provide an additional 1.68 million cubic metres per day (MCMD) of water supply into the Man-made River Project (MMRP) and increase the hydraulic capacity of the existing conveyance systems in order to convey this additional flow.  The Kufra System includes a new wellfield, lift pump station, major operations support and maintenance facility (OS&M), 380km of conveyance pipeline and associated structures, and seven booster pump stations on the existing conveyance pipelines.

ANE has been awarded a Contract for the Technical Review, Supervision, engineering and Project Management of the Project including:

•  Al Kufra Lift Pump Station

•  Sarir-Sirt Line Booster Pump Station

•  Sirt 2 Booster Pump Station

•  Al Kufra Forebay Tank

•  Modifications to Existing Conveyance Systems

•  Kufra Surge Feed Tank

•  Fitting-out the Kufra Conveyance Regulators and Flow Control Stations

•  Permanent Control and Communications Systems

•  Wellfield Lateral and Collector Pipework

•  Wellfield Balancing Tank

•  Wellfield Flow Control Station •  Wellfield Power Supplies

•  Operations Support and Maintenance Facilities

5 Tanks Project

ANE is the Consultant Engineer for the construction of 5 concrete agricultural water storage tanks, including pipework and valve chambers being constructed for the Man-made River Water Utilisation Authority (MMRWUA) to the south of Tripoli.  Each tank has a capacity of 86,000 cubic metres.  A further 4 No. tanks (for a total of 9) will be included in the final Contract scope.

ANE’s scope includes review and approval of Contractor engineering/designs and procurement and construction submittals, supervision at site of the construction works executed by Contractors and the testing and commissioning of the completed works.



Dafnia-Naema and Tameena-Al Karareem Agricultural Projects

The two Projects combined include some 260kms of ductile iron distribution piping ranging in diameter from 1200mm to 90mm and a further 79km of uPVC pipelines with diameters of 90-180mm, 40 concrete storage tanks and a fibre optic control system.

ANE has been awarded the Construction Supervision Services Contracts for these Projects  by the Client, MMRWUA.  ANE’s scope includes the review and approval on behalf of the Client of Contractor designs, procurement and construction submittals and the supervision of the construction works by the Contractor.

In addition to engineering review and construction supervision the services by ANE also include Contract Management Services, Project Management Quality Control, Management of Materials and Equipment Procurement by the Contractor, Testing and Operation and Maintenance and Training of the Client’s personnel.C







Ajdabiya-Tobruk Conveyance

Ajdabiya-Tobruk pipeline route is to transport part of the Man-made River Project of Phase I water to the area from Ajdabiya City up  to Emsaed City. The project includes pipeline and appurtenant structures such as valves, inspection chambers and turn-outs for the areas and communities near the route, four (4) large pump stations, eight (8) large water storage reservoirs, each with an appropriate capacity in addition to three (3) Administrative to support the operation and maintenance of the systems shared out by the areas of Ajdabiya, Elmkheeli and Tobruk. The length of the pipeline is about 1,000 KM divided into one main route starting from Ajdabiya holding reservoir and secondary routes. The project aims at pumping 1,100,000 CM of water per day to such areas which includes Albeida, Marej, Derna, Alqubba and neighboring areas, Altameemi, Om arrazam, Ain Alghazala and the area of Tobruk up to Emsaed.