Ghadames-Zwara-Azzawiyah System

The Ghadames-Zwara-Azzawiyah Water System, Phase IV of the  Man-made River Project (MRP), is designed to supply 250,000 cubic metres of water per day from  wellfields at Ghadames to the Zwara City in the coast. The total number of wells are 106 deep tube water supply wells.

The overall length of the conveyance pipelines is approximately 620 km of 1.6 metre diameter pipe. There are three main line pump stations (PS1, PS2 and PS3) each with 20,000 m3 forebay tank. A further pump station (PS4) is installed on the Haraba branch line with a 70,000 m3 regulating tank. This System also includes three reservoirs of total capacity of 60,000 cubic metres.

At Nalut there is a flow control station with a 70,000 m3 tank and at Azrair a pressure control station.  Permanent control and communication facilities including SCADA are provided throughout the Project.  There are four main Operation Support and Maintenance facilities (OS&M) provided which include living and infrastructure facilities.