Hasouna-Jeffara System

The Hasouna-Jeffara System, Phase II of the  Man-made River Project (MMRP), is designed to supply 2.5 million cubic metres of water per day from wellfields at Jabal Hasouna to the Jeffara Plain and to Tripoli on the coast. The water flows  through pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipe of 4 metre diameter of approximately 86 tons weight per pipe under pressures reaching to 26 bar. The overall length of the conveyance pipelines is approximately 1,275 km. The total number of wells is 476 deep tube water supply wells.

In addition to the conveyance pipeline referred to above the System also includes, pumps and flow control stations and Operations Support and Maintenance (OS&M) facilities at East Jabal Hasouna, North East Jabal Hasouna, Ash Shwayrif and Assdada and a Headquarters Building with a Central Control Room and a further OS&M at Bin Gashir near Tripoli. Permanent control and communication facilities and corrosion protection measures were provided throughout the Project.

This phase of the  Man-made River Project was implemented in a very  difficult environment. The pipeline routes through highlands, mountains, valleys and rocky lands and all these have been accommodated during the design stage. All anticipated problems were considered in the design stage where safe, secure and cost-effective methods were adopted to achieve the design service life specified.

Al Gardabiya-Assdada System

The Al Gardabiya-Assdada System, Phase III of the Man-made River Project (MMRP), is designed to connect the Phase I System to the Phase II System allowing 0.98 million cubic metres  per day of water to be transferred between the two systems in either direction. The water flows  through pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipe of 4 metre. This System includes large pump stations at Al Gardabiya and  Assdada with a capacity of  31 megawatts protected by Surge Vessels. The Capacity of the regulating tank at  Wadi Wishkah is 82,000  cubic metre. A permanent control and communication system is also  provided throughout the Project.