1-The  Man-made River Project

The  Man-made River Project (MRP) is one of the largest engineering projects of this century.  Our company has been involved in the Engineering and Project Management of this mega project since its inceptition. The  Man-made River Project has been designed and implmented in four systems. Each system represents a separate major project.


ANE's staff have been intimately involved in the Engineering and Project Management of the following Systems of  MRP:

  • Sarir-Sirt/Tazerbo-Benghazi System

  • Hasouna-Jeffara System

  • Al Gardabiya-Assdada System

  • Ghadames-Zwara-Azzawiyah Water System

Sarir-Sirt/Tazerbo-Benghazi System

The Sarir-Sirt/Tazerbo-Benghazi System,Phase I of the Man-made River Project (MRP), is designed to supply 2 million cubic metres of water per day by gravity flow from wellfields at Sarir and Tazerbo in the south of Libya to the cities on the coast.  The water flows via two direct buried conveyance pipelines fed from wellfields at Sarir and Tazerbo.  The overall length of the conveyance pipelines is approximately 1,600 km comprised of 4 metre diameter pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP). The length of each pipe is 7.5 metres and the weight approximately 86 tons per pipe.

In addition to the conveyance pipeline referred to above the System also includespipe
very large embankment reservoirs of total capacity of  50 million cubic meters.
There are also 5 Operations Support and Maintenance (OS&M) facilities,
a 90MW gas turbine power station and permanent control and communication facilities. Corrosion protection measures were provided throughout the Project. There are a total of 234 deep tube water supply wells. Two large PCCP production plants  capable  of producing 220 pipes per day were constructed to meet the pipe manufacturing needs of this system and the other systems of the MRP.